Carson Talks Relationships, Stans and 8-Ball [Ep. 51]

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*Carson King’s* online prominence ranges from 8-Ball Pool Champion to creating content on YouTube and Twitch. The man truly does it all. Since his first appearance on The Create Unknown, he has seen a meteoric rise to fame. Now Carson is back to talk to us about what’s happened in that year and a half gap — and as anyone who’s seen the name “Carson” trending on Twitter knows, it’s been anything but uneventful.

We kick things off by discussing why Carson and many of his friends have created secondary, personal twitter accounts. The conception of these “alts” raise some interesting questions: what’s the point of doing it? What type of content goes where? Where does the online persona end and the real person behind the curtain begin?

Then we talk about Carson’s personal relationship drama that exploded online, mainly in the Twittersphere. This leads us to question whether or not public relationships are healthy or sustainable, either online with content creators, or with celebrities in traditional media. It’s complex.

One thing is for certain though — Matt loves mowing the lawn and any associated equipment.

After that we dive into Carson’s difficult relationship with “Stans” and their associated culture. What is a Stan, though? Why do they exist? What are they looking for? Is it really a harmless way to find friends with common interests, or is it a toxic way to behave? How do Stans affect a creator?

Finally, we hit some questions from our loving Patrons, who waste no time getting to the nitty gritty. They want to know what high school was like for Carson, whether it was difficult, and how he suggests making the most of your experience. And of course, we find out possibly the most important piece of information from Carson we can — the ultimate secret — his fursona. And his answer may shock you.

Thank you to Carson for joining us, and to all our Patrons for supporting the show!


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