Doplex: The YouTuber’s YouTuber [Ep. 57]

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Doplex is one of the most unique, talented creators on YouTube — and that’s why so many amazingly popular channels love him. So, it’s time to meet him for yourself.

From his work on Rooster Teeth’s Inside Gaming to his own high-aesthetic videos and music, Doplex is one-stop entertainment. And after two years of waiting, he’s finally joining us on The Create Unknown.

And that begs the question: why doesn’t Doplex have 1 million subs by now? So many big YouTube names have showered him with compliments, and the hype for every new Doplex release is strong. We talk about why that might be and how the process of making videos for his channel plays into it.

Then we dive into his work on Rooster Teeth’s Inside Gaming and what it’s like to do what you love on someone else’s dime. Kevin gives us some sage-like wisdom on working for the sake of passion versus a paycheck, and how that relates to his experience with Vsauce2.

Doplex tells us about the hardships of making a video written entirely by an AI, and how it may or may not have been an excuse to perform a Mariah Carey song for us all. He also outlines his process for making his ever-popular “Internet Oddities” series, and just how much it would cost for him to wrestle you… in bits.

And retro gaming emerges as a common interest shared between all members of the panel. When exactly does a gaming system become retro? Then we discuss Doplex’s favorite game, and the subject of one of his most masterful videos: Super Mario World. This leads Matt to do a Ben Shapiro WAP-style rendition of the original Mario rap written at the end of that video.

You can check out the original here, and trust me, you’ll want to:

Doplex survives a grilling by our patrons, who ask him to invent a sponsor for this episode, and he graciously funnels us some cash to promote Doplex Scissors (patent pending). He can’t escape without giving the full background on his puppet companion Naked Man and explaining how he handled living with his former roommate Harvey Weinstein.

We also learn why The Create Unknown is a better podcast than one of its stiffest competitors: The First Podcast, which Doplex will now co-host with Lars. We are at war with T1 Podcast. We have always been at war with T1 Podcast (except when we were guests on it, which was awesome).

Check out Doplex’s prior appearances on T1 Podcast here:

Thank you to all our patrons who make this show a perpetual reality. And a huge thank you to Doplex for finally joining us!


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