iDubbbz Talks Leafy’s Ban and the Evolution of His Content [Ep. 55]

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*iDubbbz* has re-entered The Create Unknown to talk about the past and present of YouTube — and how he’s gone from Content Cop to YouTube’s premiere source of “Docutational Infotainment.”

We start with an issue that’s overtaken the drama community: YouTube’s all-out channel takedown of Leafyishere. We ask Ian about the justification of Leafy’s removal and how it ties into the his Content Cop on Leafy also being taken down. But does it really set a “scary precedent?” And what does Leafy’s ban mean for the future of the platform?

Then we talk about the subject of Ian’s latest documentary, Daxflame. Ian met Madison at a Jacksfilms’ bachelor party, and their conversation eventually led to the hour-long ‘Ice Cream Man’ documentary.

Check out both of Ian’s documentaries and Dax’s newest game show episode here:

*Full Force:* ( )

*Ice Cream Man:* ( )

*Daxflame’s Smoothie Madness Episode 2:* ( )

Oh, and we also learn that Matt chased down Dax at Vidcon like a starstruck fan — or creep — just to snap a picture with him.

We get slightly existential when Ian asks Matt and Kevin if they “need more in their life” as they get older. Matt had enough after trying to buy a light bulb in Tel Aviv, while Kevin expresses his love for conquering nature. Ian’s done the normal thing and evolved his content as he’s aged.

Ian details why he thinks TikTok is the future of content creation and why he thinks TikTok is the “perfect loop” of consumption. Kevin weighs in with his own experience using the app and how the platform’s time limitations played into adjusting his long-form process.

Our patrons ask about the fate of Content Cop and Kickstarter Crap, the status of Ian’s upcoming mobile game “Pocket Squirrels,” and about the gruesome end that awaits the remainder of his fan mail. Lastly, as is with every episode, we ask Ian what his fursona is — and he saw it coming.

Thank you to all our patrons who make The Create Unknown happen, and thanks again to Ian for coming back on!


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