Inside Encyclopedia Dramatica: Drugs, Death and Doxxing (ft. Oddguy) [Ep. 62]

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We interview classy, professional creators on The Create Unknown. Oddguy isn’t one of them.

He’s an admin of one of the internet’s most infamous sources of degeneracy: Encyclopedia Dramatica. ED has been a constant source of controversy for 15 years, and it’s alternately celebrated as hilarious and vilified for being both hateful and destructive. After talking to Oddguy and learning about lawsuits, criminal activity, and frivolity, it’s probably both.

Buckle up Space Cowboys, because this is our wildest episode yet.

What’s Encyclopedia Dramatica and why should it even exist in the first place? Oddguy explains the role of a site like ED in the broad realm of online speech, the incompetence of past admins, and the hot water it’s gotten them into.

What’s the best way to find out what ED is really all about? Kevin reading his own Vsauce2 entry on ED.

The interplay between themes of comedy and tragedy drive both ED content and reactions to it. We talk about the effect ED might have on mental health, and exactly what the site’s target demographic is.

Then we discuss the longevity online content has and its effect on someone’s image. Do people have a right to be forgotten, or is everything on the internet permanent? Does a person’s age play a role in whether they should be forgiven?

Encyclopedia Dramatica is no stranger to scandal, and that includes lawsuits. Several lawsuits. Oddguy gives us a short history ED’s lawsuits and lolsuits, as well as a rundown of their most recent court challenge — and it’s all developing in real-time.

After talking to OddGuy about his own personal YouTube content — truth streams — we take some questions from our patrons. They want to know about the future of Encyclopedia Dramatica and the future of edgy content as a whole. Why does the website look like it hands out viruses like Halloween candy, and why keep going in the face of so many lawsuits?

Thanks again to ALL our patrons for making this show happen, and to Oddguy for joining us on an episode that had to be heavily edited before release — and those patrons who showed up for the live, unedited recording got a show they’ll never forget.


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

Produced and Edited by Ben Webster →

Theme by Mega Drive →

Opening Animation: Kidmograph

City Animation: Eric Langlay

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