Is Mr. Beast the Last YouTuber? [Ep. 63]

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It’s time to rejoice babies and gents — The Create Unknown is entering its Terrible Twos. And to celebrate the second anniversary of the show, this week we highlight the three pillars it was built on: Kevin, Matt, and most importantly, the TCU community.

To kick off our birthday bash, we talk about what makes that community so great and the creative network it has spawned. Even through the limitations of COVID, creators have been able to thrive and do what they do best: create. The TCU community is no exception, and between the Discord server, social media, and patreon, our listeners and supporters have landed some pretty sweet gigs.

Kevin also gives us all a hot take on Fortnite concerts. Look out Travis Scott… Kevin’s on your tail.

It wouldn’t be an episode of TCU without mention of the latest (and possibly greatest?) platform for content creation: Tik Tok. We want to know if it’s even worth bothering with something like YouTube at this point. Is Tik Tok just better? Is there any money in it at all?

Find out what WE’RE doing on Tik Tok:

The Tik Tok discussion makes us get a little introspective about YouTube. With all the popularity shifting to places like Twitch and Tik Tok, we gotta ask: is YouTube boomer? Is it a thing of the past like jazz? Will people look at YouTubers like we look at rock stars from the ‘70s and ‘80s? Is Mr. Beast the LAST YouTuber?

Finally, we close the festivities by taking questions from the people who make this show happen, and have for over a year and a half: our patrons. They want to know about Kevin’s gamer life, which gives us an unexpected look at how Matt tests the limits of the Playstation 4. We also finally learn what Kevin’s fursona is after he has “hounded” our guests about theirs for so long, and about the brushes our beloved hosts have had with Death himself.

Thank you again to all of our patrons who keep this show going, and thank you to each and every one of you for listening. We love you, Space Cowboys, and we look forward to another 37 years of The Create Unknown.


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

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