John Swan: Suzy Lu, Harassment, and Commentary’s Future [Ep. 48]

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Australian YouTube commentary cognoscente *John Swan* ( ) broke open one of the most complex, interesting stories of 2020 — and now he’s entered The Create Unknown to talk to Matt about *Suzy Lu* , what fair use is and isn’t, and what actually constitutes harassment. And a body part we really shouldn’t be talking about.

Digital media renaissance man John Swan discusses what it means to make commentary videos in 2020 and how that’s changed from the earlier days of the genre, and he fills us in on just how diverse the commentary community really has become… for better and worse.

He’s also on the front lines of the Copyright War, and he details his recent conflicts with reaction YouTuber Suzy Lu and her loyal attendant Steejo. It’s a long-running conflict that involves nuance and intrigue, from false copyright strikes and community guidelines takedowns to secret allies within the YouTube Headquarters.

And Lindsay Lohan. Yeah, this is real life.

The strange saga of Suzy Lu has raised important questions about copyright, creator and fan responsibilities, and how to push back on channels who might be behaving badly. As a sharp, witty commentator and a brilliant digital media legal mind, John Swan’s perspective is unparalleled.

Oh — and this is only Part 1 of John Swan’s foray into the Unknown. Part 2 is on the way, and it’s packed with Keemstar, h3h3, and the morality of going after sponsors.

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