Kris Wilson Talks Cyanide and Happiness [Ep. 58]

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*Kris Wilson of Cyanide and Happiness* is a pioneer of the cartoon world, a titan of the tabletop games industry, an author, and a whole lot more. He came up with C&H as a sick teenager and joined with amazing talent to blow it up into a massive, instantly-recognizable brand.

So who *is* Kris Wilson? We hear about his life before his online career took off and where it all started, making comics as a break from animation, and exactly why Newgrounds was a lot more “free love compared to YouTube.”

Then we dive into a topic that’s important for creators who want to expand: working alone versus working with a team. Maintaining a cohesive idea while dividing the workload is something that Kris has mastered, and it’s why he has a team of 24 full time artists and animators.

But what’s it take to make a successful webcomic? What pitfalls do so many creators fall into along the way? Is a complex comic the best way to go, or is simple more effective? Kris also details the biggest mistake artists make when it comes to making a comic, and it’s probably a surprise.

Kevin talks about the Tik Tok Effect, which is the creation of content when constrained by time and other hard limitations. We find out how this phenomenon has affected his and Matt’s perspective on making long form content on Vsauce2, and how making restrictive content leads to success in new ways.

Oh — and we also find out about Scott Kurtz’ jealousy and hatred for the Cyanide and Happiness brand.

And finally we take some questions from our perpetually-supportive patrons. They want to know whether Kris has seen Netflix’s “Cuties,” the origin of the catchy “Cyanide and Happiness” name, advice for other ex-Mormons, and his philosophy on content theft.

We also get some fantastic news about Kevin’s early birthday gift LIVE on the air.

And as always, a massive thank you to all our patrons for directly supporting the show, and to Kris for imparting his wisdom so that we can all get a little closer to happiness (and a little further from cyanide).


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

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