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3 years ago we started with a couple short, 40-minute episodes per month. Now we’re 2 hours every week and putting our 100th show into the books — and we couldn’t have done it without the support of PsychicPebbles *and* all of you. So, now it’s time to smile with us, Friends.

It’s the Return of the King, and naturally we want to know as much as we can about the upcoming season of Smiling Friends. After establishing that time zones are the worst, Zach tells us that the show will ban laughs of any kind.

It’s a pilot now, but that’ll be Episode 1 on release — and both Zach and Michael are exercising tons of influence over the show, including its minutiae. Why? It’s just easier.

And YouTube/Newgrounds types are capable of that and more, which is why they’re undervalued assets in the marketplace. They just don’t waste production time or money and they can do all the jobs required, so it’s decidedly NOT network TV or Hollywood.

What do lukewarm cucumbers taste like? Either way, you need clear goals as you also recognize that everyone else has their own individual story.

The show’s not even out yet, but we want to know what’s next after Smiling Friends. Movies? It all depends on how audiences react, and fun really isn’t the priority.

Kevin hates when people marry their best friends. Zach hates littering and architecture. And then Zach adds to our folder of recordings of his bathroom breaks.

Patrons jump in to ask about managing the stress, whether he’d like his face to be better known, some SleepyCabin info that wasn’t on the podcast, favorite Cartoon Network show and more.

This episode really meant a lot to us for so many reasons. Thanks to Zach for coming on to celebrate with us, and thanks to all of you — and especially Patrons — who have made 100 episodes of this show possible.

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