3 Hours of Furries and Jenkum with Mutahar

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We’ve never had an episode quite like this one — Mutahar’s got a lot to talk about, and there’s nothing ordinary about him. Chris-Chan? Blizzard’s “Bill Cosby Suite?” His desperate wish to go to a furry convention’s “after party” before he dies? Yeah, for better or worse, it’s all here.

We start by speculating on what’s going to get Muta cancelled in 7 years and what on earth is going on with everyone else’s bad behavior. And we’d like to see the solid creators rewarded a bit more by YouTube, but right now everyone’s still talking about EDP, MiniLadd, and other high profile problems.

Muta tells us the easiest part of his day before diving into the balance between entertainment and discussing terrible things. It’s a very serious question and one that many commentators are dealing with right now. Where do we draw the line on the subject matter of controversial memes? 

We spent a bit of time talking about the ‘Save the Kids’ crypto scam that Muta and TCU alumnus Coffeezilla led the charge on before kicking around the bizarreness of the new wave of NFTs. With everything looking so grim, is there ANYTHING on YouTube that’s still pure? Yes, there’s one thing…

Kevin admits to have learned a great deal through these discussions, including how Muta might get married at BronyCon. And we worry about Producer Ben having to attach this whole episode to his CV. Patrons jump in to ask about influencing content on YouTube, $Zilla, the NBA’s NFTs, why Dr. Phil is Muta’s hero, and one of the longest, most detailed answers to the fursona question that TCU has ever received.

This is our longest episode ever, and thanks to all the people who stuck around for all of its glory during the live recording. And a special thanks to the Patrons who make this show possible each and every week.

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