6 Reasons We Suck.

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After a robust discussion of a Bolivian dancing/fighting ritual, Matt and Kevin realize that they’ve used their experience as content creators to dole out nuggets of creative advice for 44 episodes. Now it’s time to talk about the flip side: what they SUCK at.

Kevin starts off by admitting his lack of technical prowess and how it affects the production of his videos, and Matt follows up by explaining how lofty aspirations often get in the way of a job well done… or done at all. Oh — and we find out that Matt is way, wayyy too much like Lenny from “Of Mice and Men.”

Kevin details why networking is so difficult for him and how his distaste for public gatherings affects his career, while Matt realizes that he bores some people to death with the topics he’s most passionate about… like nut farming. No one wants to hear about nut farming.

Kevin addresses an extremely common problem with self-promotion and how it even plays into Facebook’s algorithm. Matt concludes the examination of pure suckitude with another major flaw: his obsessions. All-encompassing, never-ending obsessions that lead Kevin to diagnose him as “legume crazy.”

The Baby Gang and INFANTry ask about a real Sophie’s choice between noisy geese and constant rain, the relationship between D!NG and VSauce 1, and Kevin and Matt’s very different plans for time travel.

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