Anything4Views: The Paradoxical Duality of the Chad

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Chad debuted on the Filthy Frank Show and earned the name “Anything4Views” by showcasing his ridiculous comedic talent as he undertook absurd on-camera tasks — like eating the Human Cake. He’s thrown barrels at his friends, he got tattoos of both iDubbbz face and Pewdiepie’s logo on his buttocks, and he’s got YouTube’s wildest, most popular talk show in Cold Ones… but Chad’s also grounded in a serious, analytical approach to the online media business.

We reveal the Chad you probably didn’t even know existed as he explains what it’s like to smoke frankincense out of a crack pipe from Wish, the difficulties of producing and monetizing Cold Ones, and the benevolent-yet-ironfisted administration of Chad’s Orphanage for Wayward YouTube Boys. 

Chad also answers some questions from the Baby Gang and INFANTry, who wanted to know about his favorite YouTube channels, his eating habits, and his fursona, and we end with some serious wisdom for aspiring YouTubers.

Thanks again to all of you for helping to make this show happen!

Cold Ones, “Wish Items that are NOT Legal (We Bought Them Anyway)”: 

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