Austin Evans Talks Tech, Business and Bullying [Ep. 66]

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The life of Austin Evans took some unexpected early turns, and what seemed to be a difficult situation turned into a legendary career reviewing technology on YouTube — and years later, he’s still going as strong as ever. 

Austin explains what it’s been like navigating the ever-changing tech space and whether it’s any easier or harder now than it was back in the day. At this point, he’s got help, and a major theme of our discussion is how he’s managed to build a team that can execute his vision reliably and faithfully. But did he wait too long on building out the brand of Austin Evans?

The real question for the audience is whether bullying works out for people. Wait, WHAT? No. But sometimes. But no.

In the early days, Austin was inspired by everything from Harry Potter to Lemony Snicket — and oddly enough, it influences how he approaches his YouTube tech content.

Patrons ask about what Austin would do if YouTube disappeared tomorrow, whether he’d roll on TikTok, whether he’s ever going to get a Rainbow Charizard, if tech is easier or harder than other YouTube verticals, and… who’s actually sponsoring this episode.

Thanks to all our Patrons for making this happen each and every week, and thanks to Austin for taking so much time to hang out!


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