BlameSociety: Chad Vader, Board Games and Beer

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The comedy duo of Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan has seen it all, from going viral before YouTube to playing board games with an online community of friends. Kevin’s known them for years starting with a meetup in New York City, but it probably wasn’t as epic as them getting beers with Dan Harman. Back then, anything was fair game including rolfing… but they might regret not vomiting in each other’s mouths. 

After massive success with Chad Vader, Aaron and Matt evolved into Beer and Board Games. They’ve been going for a while, but they explain that there’s no chance of them running out of games. OH – and we finally get an answer about the dream project, and it’s Space Bear. We just don’t know a lot of details about the bear.


The boys get plenty of board game sponsorships, but mostly roll with donations on the beer side. But it’s not really about the logistics – Matt points out that Aaron and Matt have cracked the hardest online nut, which is just plain making people wish they were hanging out with you. 

From passion projects like crashing Hot Wheels cars to amassing and abandoning collections, there’s a lot of lovable weirdness in the world. We get a proper Welcome to the Basement (which you should never, ever play for your dogs) before wrapping up a chill, lo-fi episode with a pair of comedy legends.

Everyone who came out for the live show had a ball, so don’t miss next Tuesday at 6pm ET with TierZoo. And a special thanks to all the Patrons who make this show happen each and every week. You really are the best.

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