Captain Disillusion Debunks Himself [Ep. 94]

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There’s no more thorough expert at debunking all things visual than Captain Disillusion, and it’s the culmination of his journey from a Cold War-era circus family to the gold standard of YouTube VFX analysis. 

Alan details his process for debunking and how it fits within the context of internet cynicism and the audience’s need for a story. Should we aspire to be Forrest Gump, or do we really want to know how everything works? Happy and curious is good, and it’s nice to suspend disbelief here and there.

Becoming a target of Captain D’s analysis depends in part on intent, and it’s a delicate science that sometimes looks slightly different in hindsight. Occasionally, something is straight up snake oil, and we call for a blend of Content Cop and the Captain.

Is Captain Disillusion YouTube’s passion-driven version of Bob Ross? Where did that come from and how did he develop it through his formative years in the Soviet Union? Kevin points out how strongly that passion shows through in Alan’s ‘Flight of the Navigator’ video.

Also, Alan’s pretty happy that he’s a “geriatric millennial,” and we launch into a discussion about the culture around him as the Soviet Union entered its final days. Adjustments are a big thing, and coming to the US in middle school is serious business.

We talk what’s next for VFXcool, Alan’s favorite old Soviet movies, what it’s like to work with his metallic makeup, and more. And, of course, Conrad asks whether he calls himself Captain D in he bedroom.

More people showed up for the live recording than we’ve had for any episode ever — thanks to everyone who turned out, and especially to the Patrons who make this show possible every single week!



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