Chads, Raps, and the FBI: Eggy’s Big Adventure [Ep. 67]

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Eggy has had a wild life that’s part 4chan, part gas station attendant, and part rapping/streaming kingpin — and that’s only the beginning for what he’s got planned over the next 5 or 10 years.

He’s had some crazy streams lately, including one in which he got $5,000 in donations and bit through his mobile phone. He still likes to party, but it’s unlikely that he’ll have a repeat of his famous 2018 passing out stream that was the result of an entire liter of rum. 

Now Eggy’s into rapping, and it’s a frequent feature on his streams. He’s got a lifetime of experience to throw into his bars, from the insane 4chan hoax experience to a high-profile relationship melting down. 

But where’d it all begin for him on YouTube? Primink’s now-deleted video, which turned out to be an amazing thing for both of them. 

We hear details of the FBI showing up at Eggy’s house, tales from the gas station, and a complete rundown on exactly who buys each type of cigarette. And that’s a lead-in to our excellent Patreon questions, including the most and least kino moments in Eggy’s life.

Thanks to all of our Patrons for making this show possible, and a deep, sincere thank you to Eggy not just for talking to us for so long, but sticking around for a few hours in the aftershow chat!


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

Produced and Edited by Ben Webster  → 

Theme by Mega Drive → 

Opening Animation: Kidmograph

City Animation: Eric Langlay

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