Chris Ray Gun: Quitting Political YouTube and Going Gamer [Ep. 52]

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Chris Ray Gun has been one of YouTube’s leading voices in several different arenas, from political commentary to video games and comedy. From his love/hate relationship with the Halo franchise and his staunch support for Crash Team Racing to his comedic Ray Gun Recaps, his insightful Glasses Off series, and multiple podcasts, Chris truly does it all. And now he enters The Create Unknown to give us a peek into what it’s like to be the strange, amazing combination that is Chris Ray Gun. 

We start the episode off the only way we know how — with some good old fashioned toilet talk. 

From there, we talk about the scarcity of technological advancements and how hard it is to impress the average consumer. This leads us to the realization that most classic ’80s movies about the future already take place in the past, and that the glorious view of advanced civilization has certainly not come to pass. 

Then Chris gets into a topic that is very near and dear to his heart — video games. First he tells us that Crash Team Racing is a better kart racer than Mario Kart, a statement that he believes to be an indisputable truth, but the live studio audience does not agree. We discuss his recent video on what’s holding the Halo franchise back: the implementation of “enhanced movement.” We round off our gaming discussion with talk of Chris’ involvement in “Twin Breaker,” an Arkanoid style game in which he makes an appearance, available for both the PS4 and the PS Vita. 

After that we get into the nitty gritty of Chris’ content and all the pies his fingers have poked. How does he keep such a steady workflow with so many varied projects? Then we discuss one of the largest shifts Chris has made over his career — his move away from political content. He reveals the main reasons for this evolution, both for his own reasons and for his relationships with others. 

We wind the episode down with some questions from patrons in our live audience who want to know some important things about Mr. Gun. What is his favorite anime? What are his thoughts on the recent controversies in the Smash Brothers community? And of course, the biggest questions that all of our guests MUST answer: what is his fursona? 

Thank you to all of our patrons who support the show, and a huge thanks to Chris for joining us! We love love the live audience aspect, and we’ll be announcing the next recording soon so you’ll know in advance. We’ve got a prettyyyyyy good lineup of guests ready, so stay tuned, Space Cowboys. 

Thank you to ChrisRayGun for joining us, and to all our Patrons for supporting the show!


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