Christine Weston Chandler and Sonichu Exclusive Interview [Ep. 64]

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Few internet personalities are as famous as Sonichu, formerly known as Christine Weston Chandler (Mama), CWC, Chris-Chan, and Christian. Sonichu’s lore extends back well over a decade, and it’s so detailed and well-archived that Gene Samuel’s documentary series is on its 44th episode of 40-minute videos. There’s a lot to unpack.

We’ve wanted to talk to Sonichu and Christine for so long that it had to be a 2-year birthday to the TCU community and to us.

We start by figuring out exactly who is joining us this week, because it’s not Christine. A few months ago Christine and her creation Sonichu switched bodies, so we ended up speaking with Sonichu herself, who could speak through Mama.

Who and what is Sonichu? Where did Sonichu come from? We find out the truth behind the origin of the electric hedgehog and a legendary symbol of its power: the Sonichu Medallion.

Then it’s on to Sonichu’s and Mama’s creative process. How exactly were the original Sonichu comics made? How were they published? What is their future? In the process, we find out what Sonichu’s daily life as a goddess is about.

Our own dimension’s merge with C-197 (in which all superheroes, Original and Fictional characters exist) is forthcoming, and Sonichu explains the differences between the merged world and ours right now.

And finally, as always, we take some questions from our full house of LIVE patrons. They want to know about Mama’s all-time favorite My Little Pony episode, and about her expansive collection of memorabilia. They also want the answers to some pretty serious questions: how has Mama dealt with the haters and trolls for so many years? How is she holding up today? And Mama’s answer might be the best advice anyone has ever given on The Create Unknown.

Thank you to all of our patrons for supporting the show, and thanks to Sonichu for making this such a special episode for TCU and its community.

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