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Stephen from Coffee Break stops by to talk about his groundbreaking video about the inner workings of YouTube’s trending page. Building off his past (and new!) research, Stephen has very unique insight into what YouTube values. We talk about how secret ratings on videos can affect not only monetization and reach, but also brand deals.

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In a real world example, we discuss how YouTube treated Coffee Break’s amazing documentary on vaping and how he’ll never make another vaping video again. We also dive into how YouTube is self-selecting certain types of content (whether it wants to or not).

We also take the opportunity to talk about Stephen’s research into science’s replication crisis and how scientists are encouraged to go along with publication’s over-the-top headlines.

Along the way, we talk about everything including Matt’s plan to get to the top of trending by twerking, a potential Vsauce2/Coffee Break collaboration, an AI bot that creates YouTube titles, Veritasium’s snails, and much much more.

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