Creatives Are Stressed. Let’s Fix It.

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In our longest episode ever, we recap the Cereal Tier Ranking livestream and give an emergency quarantine announcement to the Dumpster Crew, INFANTry, and Baby Gang — and then it’s time for some real talk.

It’s really easy to get stressed creatively… and that’s in normal times, let alone now. We’re seeing a bunch of people we love announcing that they need to take a break, and we understand why.

Kevin and Matt both offer suggestions that help alleviate the stress of grinding out a creative job or hobby, and even dealing with one of the toughest elements: success. While Kevin focuses on the creative side, Matt looks at operational aspects… and the truth is that both are critical to keeping it all together.

Matt answers questions about nut trees and wallet chipmunks, while Kevin has a firm, clear answer about whether certain mustaches have historical staying power. (Hint: there’s a problem with that.)


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