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There might not be anyone growing faster on Twitter than Cripp Daddy, who has harnessed his irreverent style of comedy to build a rabid following of fans and stans. And who’s his accomplice? His mom, with whom he has a… wonderfully complex relationship.

We talk about what it’s like to go from tweeting to actual standup comedy, developing an amazing podcast rapport with his co-host mother, and why flying with an electric mobility device is one of the biggest gambles in the world.

Cripp Daddy also goes into detail about the Twitter kerfuffle that branded him “Disabled and Violent” along with the notorious Ricky Berwick — and why everyone should go to the movie theater with a pee bottle just in case the movie’s a bit too long.

Strap in and prepare yourselves, TCU’ers, because Donavan is bringing the VIOLENCE.

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