Dinner with THE BABIES [Ep. 68]

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Every week, we talk to someone else or each other about the most important parts of online media careers. The best part of this podcast is the community of people that’s come together around it — so this week we decided to hang out with everyone and talk about… everything.

Like Kevin finding fault in parents’ propensity to use food as bribes, while Matt thinks the McDonald’s $1 double cheeseburger is the greatest nutritional advance in human history. The live chat wants to know what Kevin’s been playing on the PS5 and how Demon’s Souls encourages multiple playthroughs.

The live chat is OUTRAGED by Taco Bell’s menu changes, and it seems they miss the grilled stuft burrito the most. Matt’s still not over MatPat’s incorrect take about the location of milk in grocery stores, which he rages about on Discord nearly every day.

Matt wants to learn Hebrew or Russian and be able to run. Kevin wants to learn Japanese and play the drums. We both have a long list of regrets. 

We get derailed into a serious discussion of the role of ‘passion’ in the work we do. Kevin and Matt have different but similar opinions on this, and they conclude that the real answer isn’t so much in passion and enjoyment as it is in finding meaning in the work you do.

We really do love this community, and that’s why we’ve committed to reeling in another ‘white whale’ of a guest in 2021. 

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Isaac: https://twitch.tv/isaacthiel

Jeff: https://www.twitch.tv/jeffstrife7

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Andre: https://www.twitch.tv/andre_apm

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Basswaite: https://linktr.ee/Basswaite

Dan Yosua: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC14MP4xwlW3wKQ6viwEfIrA


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

Produced and Edited by Ben Webster → https://twitter.com/benwebsterTCU 

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Opening Animation: Kidmograph

City Animation: Eric Langlay

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