Drew Durnil: History YouTube’s Accidental Academic [Ep. 76]

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Drew Durnil’s content covers history, geography, and simulations of conflicts, so we start by talking about who’s going to win World War III. Pretty sure YouTube is blocked in his country of choice, but none of that will matter once we’re primitive again.

Drew talks about the premise of his channel and why he didn’t think it would work out at the start. Between Civilization 5, Civilization 6, and Hearts of Iron 4, he’s become something of an expert on predictions.

His entertaining academic approach is remarkable since he’s almost entirely an autodidact, having given college a few shots without it working out for him — and now his content is appealing to a younger audience than before, making him an educational influencer.

But… how does someone become Drew Durnil? That’s the real question, and Kevin’s fairly sure it isn’t through traditional teachers. And once the Durnil empire began to grow, Drew turned on his business and management acumen to train his friends to edit videos. Now he’s churning out several videos a week, all of which are as good or better as when he was editing.

It’s an uncertain time for creators like Drew who by default have to discuss sensitive global events and prior conflicts, which can severely affect their ability to monetize. Having said that, his channel and its rabid community are both stronger than ever.

We finish with Patron questions (and a few from Kevin and Matt) about the ideal resources of a fictional island, whether a modern US military unit could win against an ancient civilization, and more. Thanks to all the patrons and live viewers, including the dozens who came to The Create Unknown from Drew’s now-dead Discord server!


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