HappyConsoleGamer: A Founding Father of YouTube Gaming

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Johnny Millenium is a pioneer of giving honest and passionate video game reviews on his HappyConsoleGamer channel, sharing his unbridled and unflinching love for anime and gaming going back decades. In a world of Angry Video Game Nerds, Johnny saw opportunity to live by the tagline “Other people review games and bash them, I just want to review cool games that I think KICK ASS!”  

Oh — and he literally invented the concept of filming in front of a wall of video games. If there were a Mount Rushmore of YouTube Gaming, Johnny would be on it.

In this episode, Johnny tells us about the origins of his channel and how it was a response to the negative reviewer landscape at the time. He also talks about his positive outlook on games as a whole, how it plays into his recipe for YouTube success, and what a dealing with a debilitating illness has done to his productivity and creativity.  

Johnny also admitted to something important; not even he can be positive about Mass Effect: Andromeda.

We also dive into some questions from the Baby Gang, who ask him about his view of the gaming industry, how to stand out on gaming YouTube, and… whether he’s wearing pants. We find out about a t-shirt Kevin was ashamed to wear and reveal HappyConsoleGamer’s secret love-hate relationship with Degrassi.

A big thank you to our babies for supplying the hard hitting questions and for supporting the show!


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