Has YouTube Given Up? [Ep. 98]

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We’ve gearing up for Jack Manifold TONIGHT at 6pm ET, so we wanted to spend a little time talking Google, YouTube, and TikTok with the TCU Community. VidCon featured creator announcements have rubbed some people the wrong way because they simply don’t recognize anyone on the list — and that’s in large part due to TikTok’s dominance and sponsorship of VidCon itself. Something is changing here, and it’s important to talk about what that is and what it means.

But first, SHIRTS. THE SHIRTS ARE HERE. Tots 20% off, Dumpster Crew 50% off, Infantry/Baby Gang/Creator tier FREEEEE. Links are in the episode, and we’ll be popping it everywhere until the remaining few shirts are gone.

YouTube has shut down its Spaces program worldwide. Rewind is dead, Red became Originals and that seems to be wrapping up. What’s happening here?

Shorts are great, but they’re pretty much what TikTok is. Did YouTube miss an opportunity when Vine died? Are they playing catch up now? Are they being too conservative as the leader in video? Kevin feels like he’s witnessing the end of an era.

Is it possible YouTube took a back seat on VidCon to avoid COVID complications? Yes, it absolutely is — but late in the episode we find out in real-time that YouTube has taken a GIANT step toward addressing every one of Kevin’s gripes.

We wrap up talking about video games, the PS5, Matt almost being arrested accidentally in a casino, and whether we should be nuking Mars.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the live show, and a special thanks to the Patrons who make this show happen each and every week. You really are the best.

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