How YouTube Brand Deals Work

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For the most part, everyone knows that YouTubers can make money when the platform plays ads before and during their video. For a long time, that was how things worked and it was good enough. However, recent events such as a demonetization have shown creators that the importance of diversifying their revenue, and they’ve been working with brands directly.

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This episode has been in the works for almost a year now. We wanted to pull back the curtain on how these deals happen. From initial contact to contracts to execution, we talk about how all the details.

These deals not only bring in revenue for creators, but can often give them a budget and access to make truly amazing videos. There are many benefits to working with brands, if you get it right. Along the way, we talk about all views aren’t equal, the story behind Kevin’s first sponsored deal, Matt’s experience on the business side, and much more.

Also, as promised…KEVIN EATS A SARDINE!

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