If Andy Kaufman Wrote Love Songs & Graduated Harvard [Ep. 90]

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Austin Weber started off studying music at the Ivy League level, and years after a viral video of him singing ABBA’s “Mamma Mia” at various locations in Japan, he’s built an amazing career online. But who does he sound like, and is it even appropriate to suggest similarities to someone?!

Feeling music is easier than talking about it, Austin says, before he goes into the other media he’s trained in — including sculpting. Then we’ve got to ask what “electro acoustic composition” actually means before deciding whether one of Bach’s fugues is on par with Warrant’s Cherry Pie. 

Austin’s breakthrough video? It took him about 2 hours to make, and he wasn’t even going to bother to release it. We’re all pretty glad that he did, and now he’s developed and activated a broad network of very talented friends to keep progressing in the music world.

Patrons jump in to ask Austin about TikTok, day jobs, favorite ice cream and more. 

Thanks to Austin for spending so much time with us, and thanks to everyone who showed up for the live recording — and a special spoonful of gratitude slop goes into the bowls of our Patrons, who make this show happen each and every week.


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