Is This The Worst Advice Ever?

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There’s a meme going around that seemingly everyone is hailing as fantastic advice: “Don’t take criticism from people you wouldn’t go to for advice.” Categorically, this is dumb. Subjectively this is dangerously stupid. Kevin and Matt talk about why you should be open criticism and how seeking different opinions allows you to grow as a creator and as a person.

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In this episode, we also dive into how perfectionism isn’t possible as a creator because problems constantly arise, includinng an all-night rotoscoping session to hide Kevin’s cowlick while he drinks toilet water.

Meanwhile, CAN WE SAVE KEVIN’S EYES?!?! Boomer Matt and Boomer Kevin talk about creator-specific health problems in a surprisingly riveting discussion on protecting your career assets.

Along the way, we talk about Kevin’s favorite commercial about children’s bones, long haul truckers as future YouTubers, the most boring Discord pitch, how comedians get better at stand-up, we remember some good advice from iJustine and Casey Neistat, and even get into Kurt Cobain and The Beatles.

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  • Matt’s philosophical pizza story from Mumbai
  • Our favorite and most important albums

🎧 Special outro song by Idea Baby Gang member, Basswaite. Listen to “Binary Max Escape” on iTunes and Soundcloud.


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