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Jake Roper of Vsauce3 is BACK and taking us behind-the-scenes of the new season of his amazing YouTube Original series, Could You Survive the Movies?

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Jake joins us to talk about the differences between creating you own YouTube videos and working on a big production with crews, budgets, legal overhead, and tons and tons of problem solving.

Uniquely, Could You Survive the Movies (CYSTM) needs to reference major motion pictures while being careful not to get into hot water with copyright issues. For instance, a graphic artist had to remove the Ghostbusters’ logo from a toy car used throughout its episode., or the trouble with using a Captain Disillusion marshmallow man in the thumbnail.

We also talk about some of the mishaps such as Jake missing the protective mats on a stunt or when the whole crew got poison oak. Along the way we talk about how YouTube promotes its original series and how that differs from traditional media companies like Netflix.

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