Jenna Marbles and the Future of Cancel Culture [Ep. 50]

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Now that Kevin is out of Sardine Jail, he explains what really happened over the last month or two — and our recent plights draw on several of the themes we’ve talked about over the last two years. 

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As all this happened, Jenna Marbles cancelled herself over some offensive videos well in the past, and there’s a lot to unpack there. She was clear about what was wrong, she apologized, she showed remorse and regret… so, what more can someone do? We go deep into what cancel culture actually means. 

And, BTW, what *is* an apology? Especially in 2020? 

What does a creator do when there’s hundreds or thousands of hours of content and a tiny portion of it is a problem? What percentage of bad stuff is too much? What do we do when social dynamics change and what was acceptable in the past isn’t anymore? 

Should we have a statute of limitations on these crimes? If so, how could that even work? Kevin thinks the current system might be imbalanced, and Matt goes into Hammurabi’s Code to talk about setting limits on punishment. 

Either way, Jenna Marbles’ content now isn’t being enjoyed by millions, and her fans have to deal with that. Kevin’s got an analogy from early YouTube that suggests there might be a fix… but Matt’s pretty skeptical. 

We’re interested in your thoughts on all this, because we’re probably in for a wild ride on every social media platform there is. And thanks again to all of you for sticking with us. The last few months have been brutal, but we’re excited to be back in the Unknown. We missed you, Space Cowboys!


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

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