Jeremy Scott Talks the Love & Hate of CinemaSins [Ep. 91]

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Jeremy Scott has played a part in nearly 1,000 analytical video essays criticizing movies for their problems, so now it’s time to put CinemaSins himself on the hot seat. We start off with a quickie about near-perfect movies like District 19 and Finding Nemo and a throwback to some of our past animator guests.

Jeremy’s noticed some patterns in perpetual sins in cinema, like the stylistic elements of dialogue that work just fine for a movie, but would be awful in real life — and at least one filmmaker has said he’s used CinemaSins’ videos as a guide to avoid pitfalls in his own work.


Opening with studio logos? Sin. Egregious critiques and inventing problems just to keep a job? Also probably a sin.


It seems to have started for Jeremy with watching Terminator 2 on VHS, and in the 30 years since he’s developed a character with serious criticism interspersed with deliberate ignorance and comedic sarcasm. Sometimes that funnels viewers down a ‘hate to subscriber’ pipeline that actually works out for everyone.


But it’s not all just movies for Jeremy — he’s authored “The Ables” series of young adult novels about a gang of disabled superheroes who combine their powers, and he’s just about to drop “Original Sin: From Preacher’s Kid to the Creation of CinemaSins.” We’ve got a lot to talk about with the writing process and what it’s like to be so prolific in several different genres.


Patrons ask about popcorn, how long it takes him to watch a movie, the first truly awful movie he ever walked out of, and more. Thanks to everyone who showed up for Jeremy’s sharp wit and tremendous expertise, and a special thanks to all the patrons who make this show possible every single week. You really are the best.




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