Jschlatt: The King of Cancellation and Cereal Residue [Ep. 70]

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Jschlatt is a presidential candidate, a gamer, and an everyday philosopher who brings the honest charm of the WeeklySlap into The Create Unknown. We start by analyzing his failed 2020 presidential campaign, including his brief foray into being verified and his platform of “ban women.”

Then it’s onto what people do with Minecraft money and his experience witnessing captainsparklez greenhouse supercar flex. With such a unique perspective and amalgamation of life experience, who will be jschlatt’s running mate in 2024?

It isn’t one of the Lunch Club of Traves, Ted Nivison, Slimecicle or Hugbox.

Then cereal warfare breaks out, and it gets *heated*. We’ve got cereal tier ranking problems so severe that it almost ends the episode.

After reconciling, we analyze boneless wings and lactose intolerance before nuzzling up to the elephant in the room: jschlatt’s perpetual propensity for getting cancelled. What’s he do on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter to fuel this, and… does any of it really matter?

One thing we know for sure is that jschlatt’s not going to move to LA anytime soon — and neither are Matt and Kevin, who have done their time in that city and are thrilled to have made it out alive.

The patrons machine gun questions at jschlatt about his favorite movie, the keyboards he breaks, his 10 year plan, and where his content is headed in 2021. Thanks again to all the patrons for making this show happen and to everyone who showed up to lurk live!


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

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