King of Random’s Secret Legacy (Phase 3 Premiere)

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What is Phase 3? We’re weekly, and now we’ve got a Baby Gang, a hopping Discord server, Creator services, an ad-free feed… and it all comes from over two years of Phases 1 and 2.

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How does a show like TCU work? How does it even happen? What takes so long? From workflow to conversation chemistry, it’s complicated — including developing a unique aesthetic that we talk about in detail during the aftershow.

Kevin talks about why KFC is the best first date, and we discuss how creating and building a show is a lot like a relationship.

Patreon isn’t really about Patreon. It’s about the people in the TCUniverse. And sending them weird things in the mail.

… then we drop a leak about who designed our upcoming shirt (whoops) and what it’s like to work with artists when you really want to do it well.

With TCU, Kevin’s returning to his roots of Jerry Bloop and blowing up potatoes.

Then we give a lengthy, detailed tribute to the incredible legacy of King of Random’s Grant Thompson, who pulled off the most amazing feat YouTube has ever seen: evolving his channel beyond himself and growing it at the same time. Both Kevin and Matt share their personal stories about Grant as they discuss why what he accomplished with building out King of Random is so important for creators — because Grant’s still making videos.

The Aftershow:

How does one get involved with a feculent little goblin like PsychoPebbles? And what’s the 25-year old evolution of the TV wall? (Hint: it involves yo-yos.)
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