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Kwebbelkop’s high-energy gaming videos showcase his excitement and hilarity — but underneath lies one of the most insightful entrepreneurial minds in the creator industry. We start with his decision to go full-time right out of high school as he proved to his mom that YouTube could actually be a career. From there, Jordi gives a masterclass in the process of building a sustainable, consistent business with tremendous potential for growth.

We dive into how a book about McDonald’s steered Kwebbelkop toward creating an efficient manufacturing line for his videos that allowed him to maintain the ultimate quality control. That leads to the state of the modern content treadmill and how creators go about choosing projects that keep them energized, fresh, and sane. Kwebbelkop shares how he maintains his quality of life in a world that barely allows him to take a day off.

Jordi also details the excitement around Webbel Games, his latest venture that’s vaulted him from gamer to game maker — and how Havocado reflects his expert knowledge of what makes a game not only fun to play, but fun to watch on YouTube.

We touch on his relationship with his YouTube creator girlfriend Azzy, the nuances of playing the ‘character’ of Kwebbelkop, and the charming story of exactly how Dutch New Amsterdam became modern New York City.

Check out Kwebbelkop on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Follow his gaming company, Webble Games, and the debut of his upcoming game Havocado.


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