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Kyle Hill has a creative track that’s pretty unique — from graduate study to hosting Mythbusters: The Search, to running Nerdist’s science content for years, and now working on his own project, The Facility. He started in the skeptic community debunking bad science information, and eventually started playing around with Chernobyl and superheroes. But how do you figure out when it’s time to intervene? 

And when you do, who exactly are you? Are you YOU, or are you a specific persona unique to your channel? Kevin’s talked about this in the past — where Vsauce2 ends and Kevin begins — and it’s something creators of all kinds face.

Has Kyle Hill ever gotten it wrong? Has he done any harm inadvertently? Probably not, but it’s worth asking. In Kyle’s view, some YouTubers just aren’t that responsible, and he’s got a few safety concerns.

Nerd stuff has dominated the culture for several years now, but we want to know where Kyle thinks it’s headed. Is Marvel and superhero cultured oversaturated? And why did Avatar drop off the cultural map?

Patrons jump into probe Kyle about sticking your head in a particle accelerator, whether Kyle’s actually a viking, what he’s hiding about the REAL Kyle, and who should be careful starting their car.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the live episode, and thanks to Kyle for using some of his vacation time from The Facility.



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