Making of “Can Pasta Hold Your Weight?”

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Given an opportunity to make almost any video, Kevin and Matt journeyed to Rome, Italy to build a chair out of pasta. On an incredibly tight timeline, the guys assembled a team from around the world and overcame a ton of obstacles to make it happen. In this episode, we talk about the making of “Can Pasta Hold Your Weight?” and how it was a microcosm for life as a creator.

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In a span of only around two weeks, Matt and Kevin coordinated a video shoot at an AirBnb on the other side of the globe with a team from Hungary (meet Norbi and Johnny), the United Kingdom, and three different states. The logistics are mind-boggling. Along the way, they got stranded at the Pasta store, tore into some light stands, and became legendary epoxy smugglers. Get a detailed view of what goes into a shoot like this and what it says about the creator life.

We also take a behind-the-scenes look at a surprise the guys have been cooking up for Patrons, and Matt tells us why he’s the world’s worst airline passenger (it has to do with a song). We’ve also got a story about Dom Burgess from Every Think.

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