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Marques Brownlee may very well be the top YouTuber of the last decade — so of course, Kevin wants to distill his life force into a sippable drink. Between well over 1,000 videos, a new Studio channel, a successful podcast, and a YouTube Original series — oh, and being a professional athlete — how does he actually do it all? Seriously, does he sleep?

It really is important to take care of yourself, and basic things like sleep and food go a long way. And creatives don’t think nearly enough about how important exercise is to the art. Like it or not, it matters, and Marques is living proof.

Even so, how does he stave off the burnout that’s so prevalent in the community? If anyone should get burned out, it’s Marques, and he’s in a great place — including expanding by involving his whole team in the Studio project through Vox.

You’d think he’d get recognized everywhere he goes, including playing ultimate frisbee, but it seems that his car might be the real celebrity. But what’s the deal with people being embarrassed and awkward about saying how they know him? Why is this a thing?!

We learn quite a lot about the limits of practical, pervasive technology like automatic paper towel dispensers and the little hand-recognition beams on faucets — which aren’t nearly as good as we thought. We’ve got serious limits to technology, and that includes updating the classic flip phone.

Patrons were excited to throw a litany of questions at Marques, from the Tesla Plaid and his actual use of retro tech to ideas for future series, co-starring with Danny DeVito, and The Haunting Legacy of Will Smith.

Thanks to Marques for taking the time to talk with us — it was absolutely worth the wait — and to everyone who showed up for a raucous live recording. And a special thanks to the Patrons who make this show happen each and every week. You really are the best.



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