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We’ve all waited years for this. The Create Unknown community has been following along with Smiling Friends for over 3 years, from the idea stage to its new reality. And we’ve got Zach Hadel/PsychicPebbles and Michael Cusack here to give us HOURS of Smiling Friends talk.

We start off with what we didn’t get to see in the show, and how the standards and practices oversight influences the final outcome of a series like Smiling Friends. They tend to shut down, “Anything funny or anything that’s slightly a good idea,” so it’s a lot like YouTube. And one of the biggest problems was… Satan vaping?

The boys give us some behind-the-scenes secret about Mustard sucking “impossibly fast” and DJ Spit’s pubes, all of which we never saw. But who did grandma’s lollipop noises? And the GAGGING?

We get some leaks about the saddest place to put Pim, and Zach and Michael tell us what makes the Charlie-Pim duo work so well. Here’s a hint from Kevin: they’re NOT ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ 

It turns out that Mr. Frog is actually the oldest character of all. But… what did he say on Jimmy Fallon?!

The world was very, very close to seeing Chris-Chan as the grease puddle, and Zach details the process that killed our dream. Imagine the memes we missed out on… but the ones we’ve got are amazing.

Zach’s obsessed with Dan Aykroyd, and we’re obsessed with Nothing But Trouble – and in particular, a very specific nose. But not everyone loves Smiling Friends. We go line by line through a scathing review that’s disappointed that the show isn’t like Big Mouth and Rick and Morty. Was that article actually bait?!

Kevin’s favorite scene was Satan’s DoorDash experience, which is so perfectly awkward and mundane as to be elevated into something unique. Michael says he’s less and less social as he ages, so maybe the thing about hundreds of hours spent gooning is more real than we know.

Smiling Friends is full of tiny details, and the oversight from Michael and Zach throughout the series had to be fatiguing. But it resulted in a show that carried out their vision and entertained millions.

Patrons jump in to ask literally dozens of questions, and Michael and Zack stuck around for them all. What about the Rust gameplay? What’s the integration of 3D and live action do to the process? How do you stop being your worst critic? And WHERE IS SEASON 2???

Thanks to the HUNDREDS of people who joined us live, and especially to the Patrons who made this episode possible. To those of you have been around for a while and stuck with us: it means everything to us. And to the many new Patrons: tell us about your art, your creative project, your interests… that’s what makes our community great.

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