Punting Koalas with I Did a Thing

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It’s time to do things, and we’re talking to the world’s expert on… doing things. Grab your hammer guns and grill a kangaroo steak, because I Did a Thing is here and he has absolutely no limits. Literally, we start off by talking about what he won’t do, and that list is not long. 

Australia is a running theme in this podcast, including the laws and regulations that turned Alex into an (almost) criminal. It’s why he had to dismantle one of his most unique inventions and spread it in dumpsters throughout town, because that’s normal. He’s lucky it didn’t fire straight through his head, which we learn was an actual possibility.

No one combines curiosity and crazy at such a high level as Alex, except maybe Michael Reeves and a few other evil geniuses. People appreciate how unique that is, making offers as high as $15,000 for the weird, amazing stuff he makes. At least destroying all his family’s possessions in a bid to satisfy childhood ADHD is starting to pay off. 

Then it’s electrocution time, because we’ve collectively experienced a lot of it – and Alex is such a frequent victim that when the breaker trips in his house, his family knows Alex probably got zapped. That brings up the age-old question of whether content like Alex’s is dangerous at all, and the answer is probably yes. And that’s a good thing.

Comedy is a major part of why so many millions of people love Alex’s videos. They aren’t just interesting science and engineering, they’re incredible entertainment. Very, very few people can pull that off, but whether he’s getting a haircut in North Korea or building a bird bath teeming with unintended consequences, Alex makes it work. 

Kevin thinks smooth-brained koalas are the lowest form of life, and Alex has a story about punting one in the air before Patrons jump in to ask about his best and worst videos, the mindset behind changing titles and thumbnails, and his forays into politically-charged comedy – it’s a range of topics that’s perfectly representative of Alex and both of his channels. 

Thanks to Alex for hanging out for a couple hours and being open to talking about any topic at all, and thanks to everyone who came out for the live show – it was a GREAT one. And the Patrons who support this show really do make it happen each and every week.

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