Slush & Glink Gush About OnlyFans, Censorship, and Content Theft [Ep. 56]

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0:00:00 – Intro

0:03:46 – Online Daddies

0:08:07 – Censorship vs. Free Speech on YouTube

0:26:22 – YouTuber vs. Person

0:34:14 – VidCon & Matt’s New Convention

0:40:26 – Is Age Less Relevant on the Internet Today?

0:53:21 – OnlyFans & Parasocial Relationships

1:17:01 – Online Gender Demographic

1:22:47 – Content Thievery

1:40:00 – OnlyFRIENDS & Patron Questions

2:13:11 – Outro

Slush and Glink have very different YouTube channels, but their analytical, entertaining approaches to content — and processing the larger issues around them — complement each other perfectly. Glink’s socially-focused documentary mindset and Slush’s clear, deeply-researched conclusions collide to form Gush: their new podcast that takes on the pressing issues and topics in the YouTube landscape.

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We kick off the episode by calling on Glink’s recent video about online father figures to find out who they think their “online daddies” are, as well as their online mommies. Then we get their take on the issue of censorship on YouTube, and they conclude that, “The rules have never been more ambiguous.” Is that because of the corporate structure of YouTube and Google?

Then it’s a bit of Vidcon analysis. Is the convention itself really what brings creators together? If not, what is? We find that the Tik Tok child-filled convention center may not be the most useful professional locus, and we talk about Matt’s big plans for a new convention that would bring out the very best parts of Vidcon… and without all the bad parts.

This leads us into a discussion about age on the internet, and if it’s even relevant any more. Oh, and Matt comes to the shocking realization that Keemstar is about halfway to drawing from Social Security. Let that sink in.

Then we talk OnlyFans and the dangers that it may or may not bring. Does OnlyFans provide a healthy contribution to online life, or does it create a parasocial relationship that both sides should consider avoiding? What we do know is that we just accidentally launched a joint venture called OnlyFriends.

Slush shares his experiences with an online crime of the highest order: content theft. And are reaction streamers just stealing content? Should they have to stop watching live or remove stream reuploads at the creator’s request? There’s a lot of thievery going on.

We cap off the episode with some questions from our patrons who are dying to know the pair’s opinions on retro gaming and the state of the troubled Smash Bros. community. There’s a lot to unpack there — and then The Kino Corner conspires to extend the episode by a few hours by asking about each of their favorite albums.

A huge thank you to all our patrons who make the show happen, and to Slush and Glink for joining us. Check out their individual channels *and* the Gush podcast!

Keep your diapers dry and your bottles full, babies.


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

Produced and Edited by Ben Webster →

Theme by Mega Drive →

Opening Animation: Kidmograph

City Animation: Eric Langlay

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