Sven Johnson and Hot Dogs [Ep. 96]

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Sven Johnson can make anything funny, whether it’s a hot dog or being a moth. We start off by establishing that most people eat an average of 43,000 hot dogs in their lifetime, which seems accurate.

So why is a hot dog always funny? The answer shows how unique Sven’s attitude really is, and why his short, quirky jokes work so well. Then a historical sanitation engineering discussion gets heated surrounding the great “urinal boom” of the 20th century and why we suffer the indignity of peeing in a giant trough. But at least it’s not bacon grease.

Sven’s been working on comedy for years now, and it happens everywhere from hanging around with his brother Gus to sleeping in such a bizarre position that it activates a sort of out of body experience. Yes, this is real, and it’s happened to Kevin, too.

We talk about the difficult workflow of comedy, and start ideas for a co-branded pee jug for everyone’s desk. Patrons jump in to ask about Sven’s music, his relationship with Gus, whether their mom is actually in on their jokes, what would happen if you peeled a banana and found a hot dog… YEAH.

Thanks to every single one of our Patrons — you make this show possible every week. And thanks to everyone who showed up to hang out with Sven!



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