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We’ve recorded 34 episodes of The Create Unknown. We’ve interviewed YouTubers with a collective billions and billions of views, and we’ve pulled back the curtain to show what our own process is really like. At this point, we know who/what our favorite part of all this is.

It’s you.

We had a pretty wild ride in 2019, and it culminated in some personnel changes. Now we’re looking to double down on building the incredible community we’ve got even further. From new tiers like the $2 Tots (who will have a monthly video prop raffle), the Dumpster Crew that made us who we are, and the INFANTry (who will get Associate Producer business cards along with the Baby Gang!) to rolling out the softest, most comfortable shirts you’ll ever wear, we’ve got a lot going on.

As we explain in this episode, every bit of your support goes to make this show happen. We’ve made a total of $0 from The Create Unknown podcast, and we’re cool with that. We want to do more with the TCUniverse and pay the exceptional people who help us out what they deserve.

And without the support you’ve given us over the last year, we’d have never made it this far. It really means everything to us — and that’s why TCU has built a community that’s so much deeper and more meaningful.

We’ve been to the future. We’ve seen it. It’s awesome. Now we’re back in 2020 to drag you into the future, too.

Thank you again, Space Cowboys, because you really are The Create Unknown.

Kevin and Matt


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