The Death of the Dislike Button [Ep. 85]

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With Kevin mysteriously disappearing literally minutes before recording, Producer Dan steps in. And he's the perfect fit for TCU, having worked for a few years to put himself in a position to quit his real job and embrace the independent creative life. He tells us what that process has been like, including progress on his YouTube channel with a focus on photography and equipment. 

As we predicted back in 2018, the dislike button on YouTube appears to be on its way out. Reactions have been overwhelmingly negative from creators, viewers, and… honestly, everyone. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?

We talk about Andrew Bowser's/Onyx's successful crowdfunding campaign and how it defied our expectations — and then we dip into a series of questions from the live viewers that range from sensible to bizarre. Really bizarre. 

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Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

Produced and Edited by Ben Webster → 

Theme by Mega Drive → 

Opening Animation: Kidmograph

City Animation: Eric Langlay

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