The High Art of Cultivating Cringe with ManyKudos [Ep. 65]

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ManyKudos is a Kiwi-turned-Australian YouTuber whose channel ranges from the analysis of cringe to serious examinations of cultural phenomena. In a little over a year, he’s grown from 0 to 10,000 subs — and he enters The Create Unknown to explain how he’s balanced slowly building an audience of his content with an audience who just plain likes *him*.

It’s tempting to rip on lolcows and famous disasters, but Kudos explains that he’s got a bit of a moral code that guides his videos. With his Belle Delphine video, he approached the topic by respecting her privacy and keeping an appropriate distance. And that’s why he’s selling “Teethpaste” for $31.

Matt and Kudos actually met in Australia last year, and Matt ended up making Kudos vomit — but the real story is that Kevin actually invented the notion of gamer bathwater and tub-related activities. It raises a point about whether people should like your content, like you, or both.

Lots of people dislike Cool Cat. Some people like eating decades-old MREs. And it’s perfectly valid to start a YouTube channel showcasing miniature radio-controlled construction equipment moving dirt in your basement.

But how has ManyKudos used all of this to refine his approach to his next video subject, the chalice-wielding YandereDev? 

Patrons end the episode by asking Kudos where his name came from, whether he’d ever go completely hairless, whether his charity extends to a random neighbor asking for a cup of sugar, and more.

Thanks to Kudos for entering the Unknown and to all the patrons, from Tots to Babies, who keep the TCU hamster wheel churning and burning.


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

Produced and Edited by Ben Webster → 

Theme by Mega Drive → 

Opening Animation: Kidmograph

City Animation: Eric Langlay

“The Create Unknown” is produced by Unknown Media.


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