The Homemade Weapons and Mad Genius of Allen Pan [Ep. 95]

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Nobody on YouTube lives out Arthur C. Clarke’s rule that, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” quite like Allen Pan. From flame-throwing gloves to recreating some of the most incredible weapons and gadgets in films, Allen can create just about anything. Except a Gundam, which he desperately wants the money to make. 

Kevin’s not sure if dinosaurs are real, but Allen is convinced that every bit of water on earth is actually very old dinosaur pee. These are the thought experiments we undertake, leading Allen to conclude that if he had the chance, ““I would just reprogram my mind to fly around in a spaceship and experience sexual satisfaction when I made discoveries…. I would fly away and orgasm all over the universe.” I guess everyone needs a plan after YouTybe.

Allen’s YouTube channel Sufficiently Advanced is actually the culmination of a long journey through engineering — and it’s one that led through Mythbusters. Does he wish he’d won the final? Did it work out even better in the end? 

We establish that Michael Reeves is indeed a “gremlin and a chimp” before launching into galvanic stimulation, anime oversaturation, cat girls ruling the earth, and what it’s like to be on meth for the sake of science.

If you aren’t a fan of Allen Pan’s after this episode, you’re hopeless. Thanks to everyone who showed up to hang with us and Allen, and a special thanks to the Patrons who make this show possible each and every week!




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