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When we met The Kino Corner, he was just getting started on YouTube — and in the years since, he’s become one of the go-to experts on YouTube when it comes to evaluating films. Just… not superhero movies. And there are a few reasons for that, including connected films and a larger ecosystem that affects how individual movies are made.

Kino isn’t just a film critic. He’s a filmmaker as well. So who does more work, the creator or the critic? Yes, that’s a real question before we get a recipe for synthetic feces.

Kino offers a bit of wisdom about taking criticism and facing rejection, and it’s all stuff that everyone listening needs to take to heart. It applies to a lot more than YouTube or films, and there’s too much dwelling on the thought process and too little just sitting down and making something. 

The Logan Paul hiring hail mary might not be the way to do it, though. But it’s easy to be so negative about these things — negativity is WAY easier to understand than positivity. Being negative is clear and straightforward; being positive is murky and complex. 

We talk about Kino’s feature-length film “Wasted Hours” before going into patron questions, including why critics make non-critics feel so bad about liking simple things, what Kino learned by hosting a film festival (congratulations to our own DanTheLatch for winning it), what his inspirations are, and a harrowing depiction of Kino’s fursona.

Thanks to everyone who hung out for the live recording, and a special thanks to all the Patrons who keep this show going each and every week. You really are the best.



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