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Slimecicle is here to complete our Knuckle Sandwich trifecta, and we start with a hard-to-answer “would you rather?” and wise words about love. But he and the KS boys are doing quite well with their podcast, which is pretty rare in a world of supergroup e-projects that almost never seem to last. What are they doing right?

What makes it toughest is dealing with the ‘reactionary brain’ of the YouTuber, and that’s even harder now that we’re past the simpler days of ElderTube. We talk about the importance of the ‘production mindset,’ and it’s no accident that Slimecicle has a fair amount of experience. When you think of discipline, scheduling, and professionalism, THINK SLIMECICLE.

The paradox of the youngest creators sometimes being more mature about the process is worth talking about — as Jack Manifold and TommyInnit pave the way compared to the clueless teens of a decade ago. That’s almost as important as the origin of the guinea pig in the wild, and whether Slimecicle could orally medicate Schlatt. 

Then it’s on to Paris Syndrome and Jerusalem Syndrome, both of which are very, very real — but not as real as Charlie’s hate for cereal. We have a cereal problem, a food theft problem, a corn and bean and hand soap problem… and then Patron questions about egg supremacy, what a Slimecicle tastes like, and why Charlie desperately wants to be a rag doll flung into the ether.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our best-attended live show so far — and a special thanks to the Patrons who make this show happen each and every week. Onward to VidCon!



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