The Rise of Jack Manifold [Ep. 99]

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No one we’ve talked to has risen so high and so fast as Jack Manifold has in the world of Minecraft streaming. In just a year, he’s gone from a tiny audience to being in the elite tier of Minecraft on Twitch — and that’s a lot to process for someone so young. And it all started from a hashtag campaign.

One of the challenges is a sort of content vs. life balance, and Jack’s got an excellent handle on how to juggle both sides. As he says, when those lines blur too much, you’ve just become an actor. But where does all the energy come from?

Kevin’s got some important life advice about toilet paper, and that leads to us discovering an organ transplant we didn’t even know existed. And it’s only the 2nd weirdest thing Kevin’s done, given the incident he describes with hiding a camera in a beanie and creeping around a grocery store. 

It’s impossible to talk to Jack and not go into the details of the DreamSMP, which might be the most complex, multi-faceted media project online. With all the great characters and storylines, it’s a mix of soap opera, reality show, and video game.

The Patrons jump in to ask whether Jack ever got a Whopper, the future of Dream SMP lore, the why’s and how’s of his social media break, the best approach to destructive Stans, how Jack discovered Vsauce, and… his fursona. His big, gross fursona.

Thanks to Jack for hanging out with us, and thanks to everyone who showed up to the recording. And the Patrons? You literally make this show happen every single week. See you for Episode #100!



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