UrAvgConsumer is Normal in a Sea of Tech Nerds

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Judner’s UrAvgConsumer channel is one of the leading tech channels on YouTube, and it all started because he didn’t want to stand out. That mentality of delivering valuable information to normal people — not just the tech-obsessed — has driven millions of subscribers and an enduring fan base. So what’s the deal with tech YouTubers and not having phone cases?!?

Tech isn’t necessarily mind-blowing right now, and Judner points out that we’re in an age of refinement rather than pure crazy invention. Kevin’s got the same problem on Vsauce2, so how do you make the seemingly mundane truly entertaining?

One thing Judner knows for sure, though, is that he wants to keep going until it’s not sustainable. His routine has changed quite a bit over the last 2 years, and not just from the pandemic. Does branching out to work with others actually help keep you grounded? 

Judner travels a lot for tech events, and he gets even more offers to review products — way more than he can even handle. What can one person do with all that tech? Will he ever do a retro tech review? What type of tech is missing altogether? And what’s the link between Full House and Air Bud?

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