Urban Rescue Ranch is King of the Texas Jungle [Ep. 92]

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There is NO ONE on YouTube like Ben of the Urban Rescue Ranch. He’s got a kangaroo, a possum, a pair of rheas (including the frequently-violent Kevin)… so there’s a lot to talk about with his mini-farm and translating it to TikTok and YouTube.

How’d he learn to be King of the Urban Rescue Jungle? From YouTube, naturally. Ben’s formal education wasn’t in animal wrangling, or even biology, but he’s built a tremendous knowledge base over time just by putting in the work. And it started with pigeons.

The pandemic aligned a few stars for Ben, who was all of a sudden home to be able to do things like bottle-feeding babies every 4 hours. It was a huge boost for his channel and ones like it, since so many people’s attention turned toward the outdoors and self-sufficiency. Gardening and animals got hot, and fast.

The bad news is that there just aren’t any vacations. Even so, Ben’s looking at expanding his operation. He needs more land for… well, everything. But the one thing he won’t get is a cassowary, and there are several very good reasons for that.

Patrons jump in to ask questions about how badly it hurts when Kevin bites Ben, when he almost lost an eye, nearly killing himself by eating raw eggs, and the stresses of zookeeping and content creation.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to a truly unique episode with Urban Rescue Ranch, and a special thanks to all the Patrons who make this show possible every single week!

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