Vsauce2 Gets Demonetized

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We’ve talked to a range of creators about their struggles with demonetization, and we’ve always pointed out how nice it is that educational content is safe. Well… not anymore. Kevin’s latest Vsauce2 video about a very public crime in Britain has been smacked down to the point where AdSense doesn’t even begin to cover the cost of editing. Oh, and the video has been totally throttled. So, what’s actually happening here?

But we’re not doomers — we’re not going to dwell on the sucky stuff. The Patrons jump in to ask all sorts of questions, and yes, there’s more crime content in the pipeline. What’s the tagline that sums up the podcast, and why does it end with our most famous burp? Movies. Expired food. Creative fulfillment vs. creative futility. Lots and lots more — including Kevin’s most devious lick (which is still soggy). 

Thanks to everyone who came out for the live show, and especially to all the Patrons who make this show possible each and every week. You really are the best.

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